The Barre Code- Plano


When I decided to take this journey to find the best fitness spots in Dallas, I knew I wanted to review and have The Barre Code Plano as one of my first studios. My goal as I review studios is to workout with them for a week, post my daily experiences on Instagram, and write a review upon completion of the week. I am kind of cheating with The Barre Code because I had the privilege of working out with them for almost two months as I was preparing for my wedding. It may be a little bit of an unfair advantage, but at least I was able to fully see the studio for what it actually is worth. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

barrecode_spring2016_allisondavisphotography_119-2Photo: Allison Davis Photography

Meet Julie Godfrey, the owner of The Barre Code Plano. I had the opportunity to sit with Julie and hear her heart and passion behind starting and owning the studio in Plano. Julie has always had a passion and desire for fitness. With a background in dancing, Julie began working in corporate fitness for many years before opening the studio. She had been a fitness instructor before and always enjoyed taking care of her body. She stumbled upon The Barre Code -Dallas Design District and fell in love with the culture of the studio. The beauty about The Barre Code is that the focus is working from the inside out. When you participate in a class, you won’t hear anything about “fitting in those jeans, lookin’ good, getting bikini ready, and so on.” You will hear comments that encourage strength, finding inner beauty, being better than you were when you walked in, digging deep and discovering what you are capable of accomplishing, and evolving to be a better you and exceeding your personal expectations. When I first heard about The Barre Code philosophy, I was a little hesitant to believe that a studio geared towards women wouldn’t focus on physical body beauty.   I paid special attention in every class to see if someone would accidentally slip up. But it’s true, they didn’t, and that was extremely refreshing. Of course, the more classes you attend, the more in shape you will be. According to Julie, getting fit and toned is definitely a positive side effect, it’s just not the main focus.


Photo: Allison Davis Photography

The above photo includes a few of the incredible instructors at the studio. Each brings a different type of energy that makes their classes powerful and fun. One of the things I enjoyed about the studio were the variety of classes offered. They have the standard barre class where you do workouts at the bar that stem from ballet. I actually thought that that’s what all the classes were like, but I was wrong! Any non-dancer should still check out the studio based on the variety of other classes. They offer HIIT (high intensity interval training) that will make you sweat and wish you hadn’t gone, but then leave and feel amazing and all of a sudden have a change in heart. A class that I enjoyed was Barre-dio. Barre-dio has some strength training with a cardio focus on a simplistic yet fun dance routine. They focus on a specific song or routine for a time frame, then switch it up. While I was there, they had a Justin Timberlake themed routine and focus for Barre-dio and Barre Code. I showed up to a Brawl class not knowing what I was getting myself into. It’s like a mix of Tae-bo with barre work and a feel of a dance routine (although, in the class they make sure we don’t perform as though we are dancers, more like fighters. I still felt somewhat like a dancer-it made it more fun for me). TBC (total body conditioning) is another offered class. For some reason, I wasn’t able to take the class.  By the name of it, and by knowing the instructors, I’m about 100% positive that the class would be one of the most intense workouts. The Barre Code has now introduced more Restore classes. These classes are about 20 minutes of a workout with 30 minutes of stretching and body restoration. It is a very relaxing class.


Info to know!

  • Wear socks. (Didn’t know that, thought it would be barefoot!)
  • Arrive on time or early. If you show up late, you will not be allowed in the class. I showed up a few minutes late one time. The receptionist wouldn’t let me in. 😦
  • The earlier you get to class, the better barre spot you get!
  • Sign up for a class on the Mind Body App
  • If you don’t show up, you owe $15.
  • Community is huge!
  • 50 minute classes
  • Membership prices: $119 or $139 depending on client’s commitment level.
  • Monthly happy hours.
  • Occasional events with The Barre Code-Design District-Brawl and Brews-Super fun!
  • Read the sign by the studio door entrance. It’ll tell you what equipment to use for each class.



-Qualified Instructors

-Offers a variety of classes

-Classes change weekly

-Quarterly challenges to encourage fitness and strength

-All women, ALL shapes and sizes are welcome

-Classes are modified for all levels

-Clientele is very diverse in age

-It’s not about looking good, it’s about working on the inner being

-Julie (and staff) know the clients by their first name (They actually do a very good job making sure everyone feels a part of the family)

-There are many opportunities for additional special fitness classes

-Strong knit community

-Very clean facility

-Changing rooms

-Beauty products available to use for freshening up

-Teachers get a discount!


-Charged for not showing up

-No showers

-Doors lock after class starts or within 5 minutes if someone is at the front desk- get there on time!




CLEANLINESS:      screenshot_20161106-215201

INTENSITY:            screenshot_20161106-215201

FUN FACTOR:        screenshot_20161106-215201




screenshot_20161106-215201 5 SPOTS!!!

This FitSpot is a MUST!

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Contact information:

4757 W. Park Blvd., Suite 112Plano, TX 75093

Located behind the Blue Goose in Berkeley Square

(469) 298-0482

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