Dallas Power House of Dance



According to D Magazine, Dallas Power House of dance was voted best studio in Dallas. Knowing this excited me. I knew that DPH (Dallas Power House) had to be one of my top 5 places to check out. I had very high hopes due to the fact that I’ve taken a few ballroom and hip hop classes, and because of the recognition and features on various local news channels. Unfortunately, it did not turn out to be as great as I had hoped. I honestly thought that this experience would be fantastic and perfect considering my previous involvement. I was looking forward to promote and help share about the studio so that they could (ideally) get more followers and clients. Due to my most recent encounters, I am sad to say that I had little desire to promote or encourage people to attend Dallas Power House of Dance.

Previously, I would look forward to taking classes at the studio. There was an instructor who made dancing fun, always encouraged his class, taught in a way that made the move easy to do, and just really knew what to say to make you want to come back every single week. He has now retired, and does social media work for the studio. In case you didn’t know, this studio is mainly geared towards teaching dance to kids. They also offer dance classes to adults and a few fitness classes (new to me) as well.

I was hoping to interview a manager or any staff personnel (in hopes of promoting and understanding the studio more), but ended up not talking with anyone just because of the frustrations I experienced. When I contacted them to let them know I was interested in highlighting and checking out their studio, they told me that they would have preferred I had a bigger following and to come back when I did. I went ahead and featured DPH because I was informed that I could still show up, but at this point, it was not the preferred timing. I understand wanting to have a bigger following so that you can have more people attend your studio, but that rubs me the wrong way just a little bit. I had somewhat of relationship with a few people at the studio, and was looking for support for what I was doing. The two previous fitness spots I checked out knew I was at the very beginning stage of this promotion/blogging process, and both were very supportive and helpful in letting me feature them. I view it as free advertising even though it is to a smaller audience. I figured some good publicity is better than negative. Even though I did not receive a warm welcome, I decided to still go and give them a chance.


When I arrived, I spoke with the receptionist, told her what I was doing, and she mentioned potentially doing a giveaway or some type of promotion. This started to change my attitude about the studio and I  began looking forward to my first class. I misread the information about the class and thought I was taking a “booty” dancing class, but instead took a fitness class to work on the back side of the body. I was a little disappointed. The class description could be written somewhere online (I  may have missed that), but I definitely was not prepared to take a workout class. I spoke with the instructor who was very nice and lead a good workout. Before the class started, I went in to try to meet some people. Some were warm and welcoming, and others were not. There was a group of girls who reminded me of Regina George and her crew from Mean Girls. I approached them, but received a “we don’t want to talk to you” vibe. It was an interesting dynamic. During the class, most, if not all, were watching the girls while the girls were in a way performing to receive the attention they wanted. I wanted to make sure that this wasn’t something I was making up in my head, so I asked my friend who joined me what her thoughts were, and she expressed the exact same thing. I spoke with a few other people who attended the class for the first time who also mentioned their disappointment in the atmosphere and class itself. They too thought it was going to be a dance class.  This vibe made the desire lessen to check out other classes for the rest of the week.

Although the workout itself was really good, I was still disappointed in the overall experience. I reached out to the DPH contact person regarding a promotion or giveaway that was mentioned by the receptionist, and quickly received a message that stated, “no giveaways”.  It was very abrupt. Written text can be tricky at times, but no punctuation and reasoning comes across disingenuous.  The poor communication continued to negatively affect my views of the studio. I decided to use two of my own passes to giveaway to my followers who wanted to join me for another class that week.
A few days later, I arrived to the studio trying to have more of an optimistic attitude. This was a beginner hip hop class. The instructor was friendly, and the other attendees were a lot more down to earth while wanting to have a good time. I started to have high hopes that the studio would redeem itself. The class did not start right away. The instructor was busy taking care of a few other things (this is something I have noticed several times from DPH). The class started with an engaging warm up with great dance moves. Everyone was smiling and having the best time. The instructor is definitely an phenomenal dancer.After the dance routine started, the dynamic of the class started to change. She taught the first several 8 counts which were fun and somewhat simple to pick up. After several more 8 counts the routine started to become somewhat more difficult for me. Now, I do have a dance background, but not a professional background. Usually I can pick up on some dance moves, but I was struggling a little bit this time. As we began to practice, the instructor started running the class as if we were in a dance company. She was frustrated that we weren’t getting the dance routine, or doing the dance full out. She made many comments about how we were too worried about what each other were thinking and that we just needed to dance and stop looking at other people and just move.  I was frustrated because I had no idea what I was doing (we were learning the dance at a fast rate) therefore, I was looking at other people to figure out the next move. As the class went on, she became more and more impatient, and so did I. I really wanted to walk out but knew that that would have been disrespectful and a way of giving up.  I decided to stay in the class and continue getting griped at as if I were back on the drill team in high school. A beginner class is to be fun, but honestly it made me never want to go back to the studio. If that were my first class, I would have not even tried giving it a second chance. Don’t get me wrong, the dancing is phenomenal and they have won D Magazine best dance studio for a reason. The dancers are phenomenal and the choreography is brilliant. The “better than thou” attitude sadly drove me away. If this is an environment that you are okay with, then by all means go to those classes, because you will be a better dancer. If you are looking at a place where you want to have fun while dancing, I would check out a different studio. Now, could I have just been talking to the right people at the wrong time? Possibly. But, like I said, this did not give me any desire to want to go again or to positively promote the place. Like I mentioned before, I was going into this journey/project/adventure with the mindset that every place would be wonderful and I would have very few cons to write about, but unfortunately, that is not the case. I’ve heard other Dance Fitness spots in the metroplex, and plan to check them out in the future as well.
Side note:
I took a ballroom class a few times several years ago, and the class was nothing but wonderful. The instructors were patient and encouraging, and I know they work so much with their students to make them better dancers. Unfortunately, I did not get to try them out again this past week. They are at the Frisco studio, so I would recommend checking out the ballroom classes up there.
-fabulous dancing
-great workouts
-a lot of sweating
-learn great new dance moves
-conveniently located in Dallas
-no monthly membership- only pay per class (for adults)
-Read the review (I think that’ll be self explanatory)


CLEANLINESS: 20161123_111909


FUN FACTOR:20161123_111909


OVERALL EXPERIENCE: 20161123_111909

3.4 SPOTS.

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