Summit-Rock Climbing Gym


Have you ever taken the opportunity to rock climb? This is a MUST DO! What a fun activity that does absolutely so much to workout every ounce of your body. I was so thrilled that I chose to check out Summit-Grapevine. My husband used to be an avid rock climber who would go 3-4 times out of the week. He would brag about Summit (Grapevine specifically) and how the atmosphere is great, how there is such a strong community of climbers, and how great of a work out he would get. I had climbed several times previous to going to Summit- Grapevine, and always knew I enjoyed the activity. Because of the great review from my husband, I was highly looking forward to checking out this place.


Above photo: My husband showing me what the “pros” do.

As soon as we entered the gym, we were greeted by such friendly staff. The staff is young (college age I assume) and are so full of life and happy to be at work. I didn’t see one employee who looked like they didn’t want to be there. The employees love climbing, and do a fantastic job encouraging and helping out others at the gym. It is an environment that challenges but pushes the clientele to do better and aim for a higher goal. I was a little nervous, knowing that I’m an amateur, climbing with a lot of powerful climbers. I did not feel at all embarrassed or looked down upon because I’m not as advanced. If anything, I felt completely encouraged to try a harder route and to not give up. As I was climbing, I would get stuck, but people would yell from below and guide me to make the right move. It’s very much a team/group effort activity.


If you are wanting to check out the place, bring a friend and try it together for the first time. They will train you on how to belay one another so that you can feel confident and safe. They also provide a harness and shoes! In addition to climbing, they offer other fitness classes for members to enjoy. Some of the classes included are yoga, climb fit, abs, member meetups, and programs for kids. It’s a really great place to be. They provide many additional opportunities for competitions and trips to explore outdoor climbing. If you are new to the area, need some new friends, or looking for a new hobby, try Summit! You will not regret it.



-Extremely safe environment

-Friendly/helpful staff

-Routes and courses for all levels

-Reset routes every week

-Variety of work out options

-Strong community

-Affordable membership/discounts for college students $55/month, college-$40/month

-Showers available (Grapevine location for sure)

-Multiple locations in the DFW

-Various activities for kids

-Accredited teacher program for Yoga instructors


-Crowded in the evenings

-Few auto-belays, if climbing, bring a friend



INTENSITY: screenshot_20161106-215201

FUN FACTOR: screenshot_20161106-215201

TRAINERS/INSTRUCTORS: screenshot_20161106-215201

OVERALL EXPERIENCE: screenshot_20161106-215201

5 SPOTS!!!


Monday – Saturday: 11am – 10pm
Sunday: 12pm – 8pm

They open at 9am on Saturdays for all Summit members at all Summit locations.

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