Koko Fit Club


It has been way too long since I have written a review. My apologies for that! Life has just been very hectic. I like to stay on top of my reviews, but sometimes you have to take care of what is most important first. I featured Koko Fit Club on Instagram back in February, and out of the kindness of their hearts, they gave me a full 3 weeks to experience KoKo. I typically will not write a review until I have experienced a place in full capacity. By understanding and learning the studio/gym, I can get a full assessment to relay and share with other people. I enjoyed Koko. It was not what I was expecting, but I really liked it.


Koko is very different than many other typical gyms. I wouldn’t put it in the same category as a fitness studio because they don’t offer classes. I would describe it as a mini gym without classes and with limited equipment that can do more than the eye can see. They basically have this machine (in photo above) , 4 elliptical machines, and 3 treadmills. What separates Koko from a 24 hour fitness or LA fitness is the Smartrainer. The Smartrainer has over a hundred workouts set up for each individual person depending on their fitness goals. Each member is assigned a thumb drive with all their information and workouts. You insert the thumb drive into the Smartrainer screen, and your workout pops up to guide you along the way. When you first arrive at Koko you take a beginner test to see where you are at physically. The Smartrainer will guide you on how to use the machine and show you the proper way to perform the exercise. It’ll see the motion and test your strength so that it can accurately tell you what weights and amount of reps to do for the particular exercise. The beginner track has roughly 6-8 workouts while the members and more intermediate to advanced folks have more workouts in one setting. On this one machine alone, you will spend about 30 minutes. If you get confused or lost, Koko as professional staff members around to help assist with any issues. You can also schedule a session to workout with a Koko staff member/coach if you would like. During your trial period (first week), you will automatically have a trainer as you learn the system. The staff in Southlake are very friendly and kind. I enjoyed having to workout with them just because I liked them so much!


After, or before you do your strength training, you have a cardio session with either of the above machines. Now, I absolutely hate ellipticals and treadmills. They bore me to death. So when I found out I would have to do this as a part of my time with Koko, I wasn’t too excited. Although I wasn’t thrilled about the idea, I knew it had to be done. Just like the previous strength training machine, both the treadmill and ellipticals used the same thumb drive. Once you load up, you are given a variety of workouts for beginner, intermediate, or advanced cardio sessions. Each session also varies in time. Most of the cardio sessions are at least 14-15 minutes long. What was interesting about these smart cardio trainers, was that you had a person talking to you the entire time. A trainer would provide facts about vitamins, muscles, race events, the weather, anything to get your mind off of what you are doing and on to relevant information about your well-being. It made the time go by very quickly. The staff told me this type of cardio wouldn’t be what I was used to. They were right. I didn’t hate it like I normally do. I didn’t particularly like it, but I definitely didn’t hate it. I wouldn’t look forward to doing the machine, but I wouldn’t dread it. I guess that’s a win in my book. Once you completed the cardio, the Smartrainer provides the amount of time and calories burned for each session. After each session, you earn a certain amount of points to help you stay motivated. It’s like a little game you play with yourself to help you become more successful each time. You take the thumb drive to a computer to save your information, and all of your info is stored on the drive and online on your own personal site. Once you are a member, you can access the website to track your records and improvements. It’s just another tool to help you stay motivated along your journey.


Overall, I enjoyed my time at Koko. I liked that I could workout by myself, but get some sort of training to tell me what to do in my workout. It’s a great place to be alone and get what you need to get done. I typically like to take workout classes, but this was great to just zone out from a long day and take care of business. I went a few times during off hours with only a few other people around, and I really liked it. A lot of big corporate gyms have too many people who focus on their looks to where it makes working out an uncomfortable experience. You won’t see that at Koko. Koko typically has an older crowd. These folks are wanting to get or stay in shape. The focus is on health and wellness. It’s great for a peaceful workout and time to be alone.

If I were to consider a membership here, I personally wouldn’t join just because I prefer group classes. If I wanted a “gym-like” atmosphere without the “gym” atmosphere, this would be a great place to choose. The machines are great, and the alone time is good. The Koko concept is quite a brilliant idea. I would recommend this to be a place for someone wanting exactly what it is. A small quiet gym with great workouts and helpful meal plans.


Info to know!

  • Prices vary depending on your fitness plan
  • You receive notifications on your fitness progress through their website, via e-mail
  • They provide cleaning wipes so you can clean up after yourself
  • Over hundreds of smart trainer workouts
  • Open 24 hours
  • Staff members are available Monday-Saturday 8am-12:30pm and Monday- Thursday 3-7:30pm
  • Koko Fuel is the online nutrition plan with recipes, shopping lists, and tool kit to help with recipes.
  • The Koko Fit Plan measures your daily calorie burn level based on lean muscle levels and Smartraining activity.
  • You can measure your BMI before and after each workout



-Not a typical gym

-Variety of workouts

-Very clean

-Helpful staff

-Entertaining speakers on the elliptical and treadmill

-Participate in a few events outside of the gym

-Accessibility to the gym at any time

-Great location


No showers

-Only elliptical and treadmills for cardio

-Although there are a variety of workouts, it can be monotonous

-No group classes (classes are my favorite)



CLEANLINESS: screenshot_20161106-215201

INTENSITY: 20161123_111909

FUN FACTOR: 20161123_111909

TRAINERS/INSTRUCTORS: screenshot_20161106-215201

OVERALL EXPERIENCE: 20161106_215706



200 N Kimball Ave

Southlake, TX














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