FitBeats-Bollywood Dancing


I’ve always been fascinated with Bollywood and Bollywood dancing. I can’t remember how I stumbled upon FitBeats, but I am so glad that I did. FitBeats provides Bollywood dancing once a week for people who want a little cardio for their Fitness. Bollywood dancing hails from India that incorporates Fitness and dancing with beautiful music. If you have never heard the music before, I highly encourage you to look it up and listen to it. The music is exciting, uplifting, and fun. I have never experienced it before, so I was waiting with high anticipation for my first class. I managed to get my husband to join me. As we were driving to the lesson, he was not thrilled about what was about to happen. I assured him that he would enjoy it. He asked if he could try it for a little bit and then take pictures. Once we got arrived and started the class, he took some pictures, realized how much fun it was, put down the camera, and didn’t stop dancing with a smile on his face the entire time. Although he loved it, he definitely did not have more fun than I did, but he was pretty stoked about the experience. He kept bragging about how the instructor said he was better than me and continually complimented his dancing. Men need a little bit of encouragement, you know? I’ll let him think he was better, it’ll make him feel good. 🙂


FitBeats currently does not have their own studio, so my assessment of the company is going to be slightly different than how I review other Studios. Because they are so new, they are using a karate studio in Irving. It’s a small place, but leaves a decent amount of space for dancing. There aren’t any mirrors. Unfortunately, because of that, you can’t see what you’re doing. Maybe that’s even better so you are not too self-conscious of your skills or lack thereof. The class begins with some light movement and stretching. After the brief warm-up, the dancing begins! Every 3-4 minutes, a song changes and a new routine or set of dance moves begins. There is constant movement for an entire hour with easy to follow dance moves led by an enthusiastic instructor. The class I experienced reminded me of a Zumba class but with Bollywood style (and technically, completely different). Apparently, it is looked down upon to be compared to a Zumba class, but that’s how I honestly felt. It wasn’t an insult towards either styles of fitness, it was just the best way I could share with someone who’s never heard of Bollywood dance. Bollywood dancing reminds me of hip hop infused with choreography from India that I’ve never experienced. It’s purely enjoyable. I don’t think you could try out a class and not have a blast.  I left the class full of sweat. I forgot the Fitbit at home and therefore have no idea how many calories I burned, but based on the lack of dryness on my clothes, I’m pretty sure it was very high.
I unfortunately haven’t been back to take another class due to timing, but I would go back in a heartbeat. I shared with many friends about how delightful the class was, and I’m hopeful they’ll attend to help grow the Bollywood movement. The founders of FitBeat are in hopes that Bollywood dancing will become the next big movement in fitness just like yoga has been in the past 10 years. The benefits that Bollywood dancing can have on your overall health and fulfillment in life are greatly huge. It’s changed the lives of the founders. Because it has made a large impact on their lives, they are wanting to share that with others as well. I urge you to try a class. I promise, it will be pure joy.
(I can’t remember what we were doing, but I know I loved every minute of it.)
Info to know!
  • $20/month for membership
  • Thursdays- 7:30-8:30
  • Classes held in a Karate Studio in Irving
  • Wear comfortable clothing
  • Bring a water bottle!


– Incredible energy

– Phenomenal music

– A great dance workout

– Very affordable

– Kind and engaging instructors/owners

– Inviting atmosphere

– Cultural (for me at least)


– Limited times for classes

– Classes are held in a karate studio

– No water fountain available (if there is one, I didn’t see it)


(Photo from FitBeats)


CLEANLINESS: 20161106_215706 (Not their gym)

INTENSITY: 20161106_215706

FUN FACTOR: screenshot_20161106-215201

TRAINERS/INSTRUCTORS: screenshot_20161106-215201

OVERALL EXPERIENCE: screenshot_20161106-215201

4.6 SPOTS!!!


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