F45- Plano West


I took a break from DallasFitSpot in July, and was very thankful I did. I found myself spending too much time on social media and less time with the people that matter most in my life. So I decided to stop everything in July. I did ok for the first three weeks, then I had a great opportunity to give a discount with two of my favorite gyms for the month of July. $49.99 for one month of CycleBar and Kaia! I had to promote, but other than that, I was off and found I spent my time wisely and in places that matter most to me. Once August hit, I knew I had to get back into the swing of things and write about F45 and start a whole new version of DallasFitSpot. You’ll see the change in the reviews for the posts following F45. I’ll have to tell you more then, but in the meantime, you need to hear about this new gym that has hit DFW coming straight from Australia: F45. You may have seen it around town, but in case you haven’t, here is my experience of the new gym.


F45 stands for functional workouts in 45 minutes. Functional workouts train your muscles to do tasks that can be done everyday. These workouts are high intense training circuits that change everyday and come from a database of 27 different 45 minute workouts. These 27 workouts are previously recorded from trainers in Australia who created routines that could vary and be done every day and appeal to the masses. The gym has TV screens to guide you as a group in your circuit. You  watch the screen to instruct you on what to do for and extended amount of time. You are timed at each station, and depending on the workout, will rotate through a station 3-4 times and move on to a new station with different circuits. Each circuit works all muscles in the body. Once the 45 minutes is over, you are done and ready to go.


My experience:

I was looking forward to this workout because I had seen it advertised via Instagram for a while, and had seen different gyms all over the metroplex. I met co-owner Larhee for my first class. She was very welcoming, kind, and informative regarding the class. Before each class, she (or another coach) demonstrates each move before the class starts. The TV screens guide the instructions, but the coach provides the live version. The coaches go along with the pre-recorded video and have to keep up with the time so that they stay in the 45 minutes. Once the “teaching” is complete, there is a warmup done with the guided video. The “live” coach tells the class where to begin so everyone is not at the same station. Once the timer and video start (on TV screen), so does the routine. You follow the TV as you do the workout. A live coach walks around and guides you as you need help. Each station and circuit is timed, and once complete, you move on. As mentioned before, each workout is different, so it’s very difficult to become bored or distracted. Once you feel like you have a routine down, it’s time to move on. I only experienced 3 classes, and enjoyed it for the most part. I liked the guided videos and timers to take me through the workout. Two of the classes I experienced had a coach (not the owner) who was very hands off. He often verbally encouraged everyone to push, but I definitely felt like I was not performing the moves correctly, and he did not help me as I needed it. Through my experiences in trying different workouts, I can tell when other people are performing correctly, but what I saw some members perform routines with F45, the coach (not the owner) did not fix their mistakes. It was very obvious to me that they needed correction, but he mainly walked around shouting out, “good job,” “keep it going,” and “way to go!” Things that are nice to hear when working out, but not when people need guidance. That would be my biggest complaint. I felt like we (the class) could easily do everything without the coach if they were only there to verbally encourage. Larhee (co-owner) did a great job helping teach the routines and correcting mistakes. When I or anyone else needed help, she was right there to guide us. I unfortunately had only one class with her, and two classes with the other, so I couldn’t exactly give an accurate review. I did like the overall workout because it was continuous, varied in routines, and I never found myself getting bored. I broke out in a good sweat, and left feeling very accomplished. After my 3 classes, I knew this wouldn’t be something I would go to on a normal routine, but I liked it. It’s a good “boot camp” type workout that can help you with strength training and also get you started in fitness for the first time as well. There are modified options, but ask what they are, because you may not get direct guidance, depending on the coach.


Info to know!

  • Wear tennis shoes
  • Be prepared to sweat
  • Classes are 45 minutes long
  • Saturday classes provide a live DJ!
  • $200/month for unlimited classes
  • One week of free classes for new clients



-45 Minute workout

-Clean bathrooms

-27 different workouts

-HIIT routines

-Class “genres” are posted in advance- good to know what class you are taking

-Provide free water bottles for each class

-Clean towels

-Variety of fitness machines/weights/tools

-Lively music


-Video instructor (I’d rather a live person demonstrate)

-No guided cool down or stretching

-The variety of workouts can be difficult to follow and keep up with the video



CLEANLINESS: screenshot_20161106-215201

INTENSITY: screenshot_20161106-215201

FUN FACTOR:20161106_215706


OVERALL EXPERIENCE: 20161106_215706

4.4 SPOTS!


5813 Preston Road, Ste 564 Plano, Texas 75093



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