Tristan Ellison Fitness

Welcome to the new DallasFitSpot review and feature! As you know, I took a break for most of July to spend time getting to know my new job, and staying away from social media. During that time I decided to change DallasFitSpot in just a few simple ways. Previously, I would promote fitness studios roughly 5-7 times a week and feature 4 studios each month. I suddenly became overwhelmed with all the new places I was trying out and featuring each month. It was beginning to take away the love I originally had for DallasFitSpot, and making it an obligation to produce good to decent material for places that deserved (or not) a purposeful review. So I wrestled back and forth deciding to quit DallasFitSpot, or make a change. I didn’t really want to stop it altogether because I did like what I had done so far, and wanted to continue promoting and helping share the love of fitness with people in hopes to connect them to find the best form of fitness that fits their specific needs.  I decided to limit my posts to only 2 fitness studios a month and to share with my followers the stories behind these owners, and the people who love each studio. Instead of finding the best fit spots in Dallas, I will be sharing the behind the scenes of what makes a gym/studio memorable and impactful to the Dallas (and metroplex) community. In relaying their testimonies, I hope to encourage people and connect members of the Dallas family to a fitness spot that can change their lives like it has for our DallasFitSpots. I am pleased to introduce to you the first new featured story: Tristan Ellison Fitness.


Tristan Ellison Fitness is a group boxing class led by Tristan Ellison. This class is offered at various gyms in the Dallas area for anyone at any level to learn the basic skills of boxing while receiving one on one training from a former trained boxer. In this class you can expect loud music, zero kickboxing, a large group of encouraging TEF members, real boxing skills with proper techniques, and combinations for beginner and advanced individuals. According to Tristan, you can burn up to 600-1000 calories in one class. Not too shabby. I believe it! I know I left with a great cardiovascular workout and sweat dripping from my face. In addition, this class teaches you the art of self-defense while decreasing stress and improving overall happiness. (This is actually true according do many conversations I had with TEF members.) Before you say yes or no to this class, I’d like you to get to know the man behind Tristan Ellison Fitness: Tristan Ellison. His story is encouraging and powerful all at the same time. Take a seat, relax, and get ready to know this incredible man.


As a life long boxer, Tristan started competing at a highly competitive amateur level at the age of 7. After being diagnosed with a condition called lymphedema, Tristan’s desire to compete and his ability to compete at an elite level slowly faded away. Following the loss of his last amateur boxing fight at the New York State Golden Gloves tournament, he became discouraged with his ability. He grew weary of fighting at a much heavier weight class than he naturally weighed due to the excess weight his leg carried from the disease. He stood by watching over a dozen of his peers turn pro and a few who became Olympic and/or World Champions. He observed his peers’ success with complete joy knowing they were living out their dreams; He felt as though he were living out his dreams through them. “When they fight, I fight. I feel like my new career as a Boxing Instructor is God’s way of fulfilling my dream, and truly is my calling from God. I feel like this is my time after being patient and paying my dues.”


Tristan’s story doesn’t stop there. There were many moments in his life that led him to where he is now. After going through some tough years, Tristan got in trouble with the law. He stood before a judge who took away a 7-15 year prison sentence saying, ” I am going to spare you a felony on your record and give you a second chance at life, it’s up to you to do something with it from here. If you are like most, you will end up right back in front of me”. Tristan took those words and decided to make a purpose out of his life. He took his second chance, and enrolled in nursing school the following week. He worked hard to obtain his degree and graduated.  A week after graduating nursing school, tragedy arose as his best friend was killed right in front of him. Shortly after, his mother had a sudden brain aneurysm forcing her to spend the last 5 years of her life in a vegetative state before passing away last year. Throughout his life, Tristan lost dozens of friends and family due to murder. He couldn’t take it anymore, and hit rock bottom. He turned to drugs and began living an unhealthy lifestyle. During this time, he met the lady of his dreams, who single handily changed his life. Through her love and compassion, she took away his pain and replaced it with a family. She made it possible for him to quit nursing and start his own company trusting and believing in his potential. They traveled halfway across the country to Dallas from New York and have drawn closer to Jesus Christ. He gives all the thanks and glory to God. He is now happier than ever; life couldn’t be better!


Q & A with Tristan:

DFS: What would you say to encourage people who want to start a fitness journey but just don’t know how to begin?
Tristan: You have to make up in your mind and tell yourself that you want to be someone different and never stop trying to be that person. Trust the Process.
DFS: How do you encourage your clients?
Tristan: I share parts of my story to anyone I think can use some inspiration and motivation to keep going! The major changes I have made in my life while dealing with physical and emotional losses prove that all things are possible!
DFS: What makes Tristan Ellison Fitness stand out above other places?
Tristan: I try to separate myself from the rest by first being intimate and building relationships with each and every person who comes to my class. Secondly, people who attend my class learn real boxing and self defense opposed to just standing in front of a bag punching it for a hour. Team TEF stands for real boxing. Most other places are boxing classes that are being taught by someone who never actually boxed. I feel people should be given the true skills of the sport, not just instructed to hit a bag.
DFS: How do you challenge your clients?
Tristan: I set the tone. I show up to class everyday as a physically handicapped individual, in full business attire, and give them my all each and every time. If I can do that under those circumstances, I expect nothing, but 100% from my class members.
DFS: What would people miss out if they were not a part of your fitness class?
Tristan: They would miss out on a great opportunity to learn the life long skill of boxing and self defense that will in turn increase their confidence, lower their stress levels, and burn up to 1000 calories per class.
My experience:
I had a hard time finding his class originally, which is held at Larry North Fitness in uptown. I’m not familiar with the building, so I had a bit of trouble, but once I got there, Tristan greeted me with a great smile, gave me a tour, and introduced me to everyone. He had boxing gloves for me to use, and gave me my own Tristan Ellison Fitness hand wraps! I felt so professional. 🙂 He instructed myself, and a few other new people on how to properly stand and punch. He began the class with great energy and loud music. He modified moves for new people, but still pushed the class to perform to the best of their ability. He would move about the class working one on one with people and doing group boxing as well. While he worked with individuals, the rest of the class had an additional boxing “routine” or exercise to fill the time. I had a blast each time I took his class. I think I smiled the entire time, except for when I was trying to be tough. There’s a point when you have to realize you can’t be the peppy cheery person in a boxing class. I mean, who would take you seriously? Once I had my “A” game on, I was prepared to conquer the world! I really enjoyed his class. I wish I lived closer, otherwise I would want to take at least one class weekly. He teaches at 3 different locations, so if you want to try a class near you, you should! Each location brought a different and very diverse crowd. There were young, old, in between, and so many different backgrounds. It was perfect. TRY THIS CLASS! Tristan also will provide 50% off to anybody who takes a class and mentions DallasFitSpot. How nice is that?! Not everyone does that, so take advantage of his class.
Information to know!
  • Classes offered at 3 different locations
  • Boxing gloves provided
  • 50 minutes of high intensity boxing
  • 50% off of a class or package if you mention DallasFitSpot
  • No kickboxing performed
  • All levels welcome



-Class full of energy

-Great workout

-Individual attention/training

-Positive community

-Skills taught that incorporate life lessons and self-defense

-Over 600-1000 calories burned

-Compassionate and talented instructor


Classes at 3 different locations (I am just too far from all 3 of them)

-Limited class offerings



CLEANLINESS: screenshot_20161106-215201

INTENSITY: screenshot_20161106-215201

FUN FACTOR:screenshot_20161106-215201

TRAINERS/INSTRUCTORS: screenshot_20161106-215201

OVERALL EXPERIENCE: screenshot_20161106-215201

5 SPOTS!!!!


  • JCC Dallas (Tuesday): 7900 Northhaven Rd, Dallas, Tx 75230
  • Larry North Fitness Cityplace (Wednesday): 2711 N Haskell Ave #300, Dallas , Tx 75204
  • Diesel Fitness (Thursday): 2901 Cityplace W Blvd #100, Dallas Tx 75204
  • Larry North Fitness City Place (Friday): 2711 N Haskell Ave #300, Dallas , Tx 75204


(972) 752-0459




2 thoughts on “Tristan Ellison Fitness

  1. Suzanne says:

    Great article! I’ve been taking Tristan’s class for approximately 4 months. I knew nothing when I started; through repetition and continual 1:1 instruction in class, I continue to improve. A totally rewarding experience, from the inside out: mentally, physically. Tristan is a fantastic instructor; both patient and encouraging, pushing you when you need it. His instant recall for where each student is in their journey is phenomenal. Come join us at one of the Team TEF classes (Larry North Cityplace, Diesel Fitness Uptown or JCC.


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