Beautiful Strength


Welcome to Beautiful Strength! Beautiful Strength is a FEMALE owned strength training studio that uses unconventional training tools and body weight for all clients. No machines are used.  The kettle bell and barbell are the primary tools of choice. In addition to personal training, they recently added Aerial Silk classes to the menu because the foundation of that fitness style is also STRENGTH. During most training sessions, you’ll use a kettle bell, or just your own body weight. It is fascinating the amount of work your body can do by using itself as a tool. Beautiful Strength is owned by Alex Schell (in photo above) and shared with training partner, Andrew Green.


I’ve experienced personal training via 24 hour and LA fitness before, but never really had a trainer, until I met Alex. I’ve seen people train before at gyms and created my own judgmental attitudes about what I’ve seen, and what I’ve witnessed before is nothing at all like what I experienced with Alex. The passion and heart Alex exudes for her clients is touching and more powerful than the actual workout itself. You can really see her desire for her people to find the beauty of who they are as a whole while helping build their strength. What makes her so passionate about fitness is the process of watching her clients self confidence, self worth, and self image increase because of strength training. A lot of her clients have been with her for years. She’s helped an elderly woman gain the ability to lay on the ground, get up completely, and stand on one foot while using weights when before, she couldn’t get up and down from a chair on her own. Another client couldn’t look at herself in the mirror for being ashamed of the way she looked. Alex got to her by loving and pushing her to succeed and love herself. This client had never received positive treatment from a trainer who could be proud of her progress. There are so many more stories of people who have been deeply impacted by Alex. The stories I would hear from Alex about her clients brought me to tears. The fact that Alex cares so deeply for these people and is proud of who they have become is quite telling of the trainer and friend she is.  I’ve decided to include the success/progress stories of her people to fully get across what she has done for her clients. Enjoy, and see the impact and beauty of Beautiful Strength.


“Prior to training with Alex, I mostly was a cardio junkie and never really lifted weights much throughout my entire life with most of my focus on weight loss. I had a membership at 24 hour fitness and had an opportunity for a free session. So, I signed up with Alex. (Alex was a trainer at 24 hour fitness before she opened her own gym.) First she asked me what my goals were and I told her I wanted to lose weight while increasing flexibility and strength. We initially focused on a lot of primal moves and body weight exercise while I had expected to hit the weights so I was a bit perplexed. The workout kicked my butt! The free session was so good I decided to buy more. I was going to turn 40 soon and I wanted to get into better shape. As people get old, they typically lose muscle, then they fall, break their hip, and it’s all down hill from there. I also read that the #1 regret from dying patients is that they didn’t take better care of their body. Now, it has been 3 years of training with Alex, which is much longer than I would have ever expected, but the results and relationship we have developed keeps me coming back. The exercises we do, not only make me stronger, but also my mobility and flexibility has increased as well as my overall health. Alex takes her job very serious, constantly improving her skills through continual education.We focus on workouts with kettle bells and body weight which incorporates movement to optimize results. I’m in the best shape I’ve ever been in my life. The Alex differences is she truly cares about her clients and develops almost a friendship so you’re not just a client. She will kick your butt!”


“The thing that has been amazing for me about working with Alex is that she understands (and helped me understand) that real strength has to start from within. She has helped me “get my mind right.” There is a tendency to feel like a failure if your workout routine isn’t leading to weight loss at the rate you want it. Beautiful Strength taught me that what I’m gaining (in strength, tenacity, and self confidence) is every bit as important as what I’m trying to lose. It is a whole lot easier and natural to make healthy choices when you  make the change to a mind set that your body isn’t your enemy and it can do amazing things at every stage along the journey. The fact that Alex had you (DallasFitSpot) come and take pictures during my session speaks volumes to me. She doesn’t see me (as I so often used to see myself) as just the “before” in a weight loss journey. Beautiful Strength is all about the “during” and the journey and realizing there is no “after”. We all have to get up everyday and try to make the best choices we can. We have to start fresh the next day because there is no sense dwelling in regret of previous choices.”



Can’t say enough about Alex.  My wife Katy who also trains with Alex had been pushing me to join a gym and got me a few sessions for my birthday… best gift for my health ever.  Alex identifies what your goals are and pushes you to work towards those goals in a safe but persistent manner.  She genuinely cares about your overall health.  
She has consistently taken her time to research and provide options on what physical challenges you may have. I have had recurring back pain due to a weak core and since training with Alex for the past 2+ years, have not had a single day or minute of back issues. Since I have known her, she has continually trained and taken classes and certifications to increase her knowledge of her trade and used that training to help her clients. I feel I am in the best physical condition of my life since working with Alex.  I can certainly say that I have greater strength and stamina.”



“Alex is a great trainer and a good friend as well. I started working out with her in 2014. She pushes me to do my best and to use proper form in every exercise she teaches me. She is a stickler on form so I will not injure myself. Alex genuinely cares about her clients well being.  Besides exercise, she also stresses good eating habits and a good positive mental attitude.  If you have any issues bothering you in your life, Alex is also a great listener.   Her main focus is improving your physical well being but, she also knows your mental attitude is important as well. Alex is a very hard worker. She has taken numerous  Strong First classes to improve her skills and teaching techniques.  She also researches proper diet and eating habits via the internet, NetFlix,  and other sources.  She works hard to establish a personal and professional relationship with her clients. I feel very fortunate that Alex is my trainer and friend.”


This is Miley. Miley is a 15 year old student who started training with Alex to help build confidence and have a healthier lifestyle. Miley enjoys the one on one, and has gained so much more than a trainer from Alex.  Alex genuinely cares for Miley as a whole. She sets personal goals for her, checks in on her throughout the week, cares about her social and mental health, and makes the workout fun and enjoyable. According to Miley’s mom Mary, Miley has gained so much more confidence. She appreciates the time and effort Alex puts forth for her daughter. Alex cares about Miley as the entire person, not just as a workout client, Miley matters to Alex, and that is what any parent would want for their child. She’s a mentor and friend.


I think it’s safe to say that Alex has truly impacted a lot of people. The stories alone from her clients speak to the fact that Alex is one of a kind. I absolutely enjoyed my time with her. Alex has a very blunt, matter of fact way about her that gets you to do things you don’t want, while challenging you to better yourself. Outside of the emotional side she brings out in people, she also really knows her stuff. She explained the importance of breathing to me while working out. I’ve always been someone who works out, but never heard the real explanation as to why we need to appropriately breath. I’m not going to tell you what she said. You need to go to her to get the full explanation! Alex also did a great job in teaching me the proper ways to use a kettle bell and work all muscles in my body by doing one “simple” move. I’ve used her techniques in my day to day (non DallasFitSpot) workout routine. I’m very thankful that I met Alex and received her training. My “review” is slightly different than others due to testimonies of her people. I hope you see how Alex has made a difference in so many lives. If you live in the Grapevine area, I would definitely encourage you to get some training from her. Even if you don’t want something long term, taking several sessions from her can really teach you how to have an effective workout that will benefit your health and can improve all aspects of your life. Alex is just incredible. She really is.



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4.8 SPOTS!


(717) 439-2214

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