F45- Plano West


I took a break from DallasFitSpot in July, and was very thankful I did. I found myself spending too much time on social media and less time with the people that matter most in my life. So I decided to stop everything in July. I did ok for the first three weeks, then I had a great opportunity to give a discount with two of my favorite gyms for the month of July. $49.99 for one month of CycleBar and Kaia! I had to promote, but other than that, I was off and found I spent my time wisely and in places that matter most to me. Once August hit, I knew I had to get back into the swing of things and write about F45 and start a whole new version of DallasFitSpot. You’ll see the change in the reviews for the posts following F45. I’ll have to tell you more then, but in the meantime, you need to hear about this new gym that has hit DFW coming straight from Australia: F45. You may have seen it around town, but in case you haven’t, here is my experience of the new gym.


F45 stands for functional workouts in 45 minutes. Functional workouts train your muscles to do tasks that can be done everyday. These workouts are high intense training circuits that change everyday and come from a database of 27 different 45 minute workouts. These 27 workouts are previously recorded from trainers in Australia who created routines that could vary and be done every day and appeal to the masses. The gym has TV screens to guide you as a group in your circuit. You  watch the screen to instruct you on what to do for and extended amount of time. You are timed at each station, and depending on the workout, will rotate through a station 3-4 times and move on to a new station with different circuits. Each circuit works all muscles in the body. Once the 45 minutes is over, you are done and ready to go.


My experience:

I was looking forward to this workout because I had seen it advertised via Instagram for a while, and had seen different gyms all over the metroplex. I met co-owner Larhee for my first class. She was very welcoming, kind, and informative regarding the class. Before each class, she (or another coach) demonstrates each move before the class starts. The TV screens guide the instructions, but the coach provides the live version. The coaches go along with the pre-recorded video and have to keep up with the time so that they stay in the 45 minutes. Once the “teaching” is complete, there is a warmup done with the guided video. The “live” coach tells the class where to begin so everyone is not at the same station. Once the timer and video start (on TV screen), so does the routine. You follow the TV as you do the workout. A live coach walks around and guides you as you need help. Each station and circuit is timed, and once complete, you move on. As mentioned before, each workout is different, so it’s very difficult to become bored or distracted. Once you feel like you have a routine down, it’s time to move on. I only experienced 3 classes, and enjoyed it for the most part. I liked the guided videos and timers to take me through the workout. Two of the classes I experienced had a coach (not the owner) who was very hands off. He often verbally encouraged everyone to push, but I definitely felt like I was not performing the moves correctly, and he did not help me as I needed it. Through my experiences in trying different workouts, I can tell when other people are performing correctly, but what I saw some members perform routines with F45, the coach (not the owner) did not fix their mistakes. It was very obvious to me that they needed correction, but he mainly walked around shouting out, “good job,” “keep it going,” and “way to go!” Things that are nice to hear when working out, but not when people need guidance. That would be my biggest complaint. I felt like we (the class) could easily do everything without the coach if they were only there to verbally encourage. Larhee (co-owner) did a great job helping teach the routines and correcting mistakes. When I or anyone else needed help, she was right there to guide us. I unfortunately had only one class with her, and two classes with the other, so I couldn’t exactly give an accurate review. I did like the overall workout because it was continuous, varied in routines, and I never found myself getting bored. I broke out in a good sweat, and left feeling very accomplished. After my 3 classes, I knew this wouldn’t be something I would go to on a normal routine, but I liked it. It’s a good “boot camp” type workout that can help you with strength training and also get you started in fitness for the first time as well. There are modified options, but ask what they are, because you may not get direct guidance, depending on the coach.


Info to know!

  • Wear tennis shoes
  • Be prepared to sweat
  • Classes are 45 minutes long
  • Saturday classes provide a live DJ!
  • $200/month for unlimited classes
  • One week of free classes for new clients



-45 Minute workout

-Clean bathrooms

-27 different workouts

-HIIT routines

-Class “genres” are posted in advance- good to know what class you are taking

-Provide free water bottles for each class

-Clean towels

-Variety of fitness machines/weights/tools

-Lively music


-Video instructor (I’d rather a live person demonstrate)

-No guided cool down or stretching

-The variety of workouts can be difficult to follow and keep up with the video



CLEANLINESS: screenshot_20161106-215201

INTENSITY: screenshot_20161106-215201

FUN FACTOR:20161106_215706


OVERALL EXPERIENCE: 20161106_215706

4.4 SPOTS!


5813 Preston Road, Ste 564 Plano, Texas 75093



Le Spa Fit-Colleyville


I came across Le Spa Fit via Instagram a while ago when their posts caught my eye through their aerial yoga pictures. I thought, “Ooooh! This looks fun, I’ve never done that before!” So I contacted their owner and expressed interest in trying out their studio for DallasFitSpot. They of course accepted, and were very excited to have me there.


When I first arrived, I was expecting a small yoga studio with silk fabrics hanging from the ceiling, but once I entered, I encountered so much more! Had I done my research, I would have learned that Le Spa Fit was more than just a fitness studio, they also offer beauty treatments for skin, acne, tattoo removal, injections, nutrition, infrared saunas, therapeutic massages, body composition analysis, and light therapy. So much! I made sure to focus only on the fitness side of things, but was amazed by everything else they offered for their members.

One of the rare (to me) forms of fitness they offer is vibration fitness. A machine (in the photo above) vibrates at varying speeds as you perform exercises. According to their website,

“WBV is a break-through in modern fitness, weight loss, and total body toning. Allowing anyone and everyone to optimize their health and fitness, no matter their schedule or fitness level. State-of-the-art equipment and our 10, 15 and 20-minute training sessions give you the total body benefit of 1 1/2 hours of traditional fitness training.

Whole Body Vibration has been used by astronauts in the NASA and Russian Space programs to help maintain muscle tone and bone density and is also currently used by professional sports teams and elite fitness athletes around the world.”

It was an interesting experience using this machine. I found it difficult performing squats, and the like, while standing on the vibrating machine. My legs would get pretty itchy, and the vibration made me nauseous and dizzy as well. I’d rather workout for an entire hour than do the machine. BUT, I do think that people should try it out, you never know, you may like it!


Now, onto what I was really wanting to try. Aerial Yoga! I’ve taken yoga classes before, but this of course was nothing like your traditional yoga. The silk fabrics are used throughout the majority of the class to stretch and strengthen you. We performed traditional poses while using the silks. The fun part was when we jumped in them to float and fly!


This particular move (in above photo) was very relaxing (and scary) but easily attainable. The instructor guided us with great help in transitioning to each position. She would tell us step by step how to do everything. If anyone struggled, she quickly ran to help. In my opinion, aerial yoga is very fun, but I unfortunately had major vertigo and left feeling very nauseous. If you are sensitive to motion, don’t take this class. If you have a strong stomach, PLEASE take this class. It’s such a cool experience, and you really feel like you’re flying.



Another yoga class Le Spa Fit offers is BUTI yoga. Have you heard of it before? I hadn’t. The day I arrived for this class, I was also expecting a different class than I had experienced. BUTI yoga is an asana practice fused with primal movement. Take your traditional yoga class, add tribal music that is similar to hip hop, plus the bursts of tribal dance moves with women who have an opportunity for self expression. This is BUTI yoga. It was so much fun, and yet so interesting. The instructor mentioned that the moves would feel as though we were “twerking,” but in fact, it is not. Between you an me, it was twerking. I felt like I was in the club, but instead of dressing all fancy, I was just in my yoga pants. Any yoga folks who have never done this will need to give it a try. It’s so different and yet so fun!


Info to know!

  • Wear yoga pants!
  • Bring tennis shoes if you plan to try vibration yoga
  • There are many health and wellness services provided
  • Membership opportunities ranging from $59-$199lespafit11


-Distinct form of yoga

-Clean Facility


-A variety of fitness events several times a month

-Small classes


-Aerial yoga is not a good fit for people with bad vertigo or sensitive stomachs

-It can feel overwhelming with everything offered



CLEANLINESS: screenshot_20161106-215201

INTENSITY: 20161123_111909

FUN FACTOR: screenshot_20161106-215201

TRAINERS/INSTRUCTORS: screenshot_20161106-215201

OVERALL EXPERIENCE: screenshot_20161106-215201

4.6 SPOTS!



4209 Colleyville Blvd, Ste B 
Colleyville TX 76034


Hour of Operation

Mon & Wed8:00am -1:00pm & 3:00pm – 6:00pm

Tue & Thurs2:00pm – 6:30pm

Fri & Sat9:00am – 2:00pm

Sunday Closed





jazzercise13Growing up, I always heard about Jazzercise. I had a preconceived idea that Jazzercise was an 80’s workout routine geared towards women to dance and use a lot of “Jazz Hands.” I had a dear friend tell me about the special they were offering for the month of May, and I knew I had to jump on it! I actually didn’t know that the workout still existed. Come to find out, there are a lot all over the states. There are more than 30 in the DFW metroplex alone! Each location has its own franchise owner. I took my classes at the Grapevine location held at the Grapevine Rec Center. (Quite convenient for me as I live in the area.)


As you can see in the above picture, the classes are pretty packed with women ready to dance and sculpt! Jazzercise inc. offers a variety of classes from Dance Mixx, Interval, Fusion, to Sculpt, and many more. I was only able to take the Dance Mixx class, but would have liked to try out the other ones as well. All of their classes offer a portion of mixed cardio and toning. Some have more dance cardio, while others have more toning and strength training workouts. Each class is taught by a certified instructor who leads the class with a specific routine for each song. During the warmup, the music is slower and progresses as class continues. Towards the end of class, everyone grabs hand weights, and sometimes a mat for the toning portion of class. This part can be anywhere from 15-30 minutes. This was a surprise for me as I was expecting to dance the entire time. Once I left the class, I felt like I had a great workout that focused on my entire body.


As you workout, the instructors stand on a small stage to make it easier for the class to follow along. Every instructor I had was very kind, fun, helpful, and constantly made cheesy jokes. The jokes helped make the class more fun. Now, the music in my opinion could have been a little better. There were some current upbeat songs, but there were some that slowed down the class. Music is everything in a workout, so for me, I would want that to change. It appeared as though most of the women enjoyed every aspect of the music. The classes I took were typically filled with older women who were probably around at the original peak of Jazzercise. I loved working out with them. They were very positive, and it was great being the youngest one! They even asked me about some meanings for different lyrics in a few songs. I was happy to help. 🙂 Now don’t get me wrong, just because I didn’t like some of the music, doesn’t mean I didn’t like the class. The dance moves were not too difficult, so anybody at any level could easily enjoy it and follow along. I felt that it overall was a good workout. I wouldn’t choose it personally for me everyday, but for someone who is wanting good community of older women who are supportive and able to have good cardio, Jazzercise is a great place to start. I would recommend it.


Information to know!

  • There are multiple locations owned by different franchises
  • $46 monthly fee for 12 months-$20 signup fee, $56 monthly fee for 6 months-$30 signup fee
  • $15 drop in fee
  • Some have their own facility, while others use “host” gyms
  • It’s not an 80’s dance class



-Full body workout

-Lively atmosphere

-A class where anyone can take- from someone super fit to someone starting from scratch

-Very affordable

-Focus on community

-Entertaining instructors

-Variety of class styles offered (dance mixx, fusion, flip fusion, sculpt, interval, core, strike, etc.)


-Not very intense

-Music selection (personal opinion)

-Limited class offerings (depending on location)



CLEANLINESS: screenshot_20161106-215201

INTENSITY: 20161123_111909

FUN FACTOR:screenshot_20161106-215201

TRAINERS/INSTRUCTORS: screenshot_20161106-215201

OVERALL EXPERIENCE: 20161106_215706

4.4 SPOTS!


Find a class near you!





Studio 6


About 10 years ago, I started doing a lot of at home fitness workouts. The Pilates workouts were some of my favorite. Because of this, when I found Studio 6, I was very much looking forward to their Pilates workout. Well… it’s not quite the same. After reading more, talking with their marketing manager, and experiencing the class, I soon found out that my mid 2000’s Pilates video was a completely different workout than the Lagree method Pilates MegaFormer class at Studio 6.


The above machine is where about 95% if not 100% of this class takes place. It has many contraptions to get you to move and work on muscles you didn’t even know existed. The goal of this workout is to not only tone, but strengthen, and lengthen the body quickly and safely within 50 minutes. With this machine, you will do work that is and is not found in a traditional Pilates class. Many of the moves are very similar, and in addition, you burn more calories and build more strength than a traditional class. The machine is very complex, but does the job in making your body work.


My experience:

As I mentioned earlier, I was really excited about trying this class. It looked very interesting and difficult, but I was up for a new challenge! The marketing manager I had been in contact with was informative, kind, and excited to have me visit the studio. Unfortunately, we didn’t get a chance to actually meet, but he told me I would be in good hands once I arrived at the studio. When I walked in the door, I was greeted by some friendly faces who were excited to have me there. I asked for the restroom to change in, returned, and asked for a mini tour. The main desk person shared a little about the studio, showed me the merchandise, and told me I had to buy the grip socks from the studio. What? I was unaware of this. I asked if I could just wear the socks I had on- I didn’t want to spend $16-$20 on a pair of socks I didn’t need. She told me no, and that the studio requires grip socks. I was a little annoyed by this, considering I was there to review the place and give them free publicity- good or bad. I wish I had known this before. I looked back at my confirmation e-mail, and it did say to bring grip socks, but I didn’t schedule that class until about 3-4 hours before. I wouldn’t have had time to run home and grab my socks prior to class due to being at work. I think it needs to be communicated better so that clients aren’t forced to waste money on apparel they do not want. After my frustration, I met the instructor who gave me a thorough explanation of the class/workout, and told me how she would guide me through the class. She also told me that they had grip socks to purchase, and ones to rent for $3 a class if you forget your socks. Oh. I thought, hmm… that’s interesting. The front desk girl didn’t mention that to me when I had to buy their expensive socks. I thought, well, that’s going to be something to bring up to my Studio 6 contact. And so, I did. I sent him an e-mail asking what would be customary. He told me that they should have offered the rental socks, but because I was getting free classes, the rental socks would have cost the same amount as purchasing one pair. I understand that, but I wish the girl would have given me the opportunity so I didn’t have to buy an additional pair of what I didn’t need. That experience was part of my first impression, and it wasn’t a good start.


After getting over the sock issue, I decided to focus on the actual workout, and learn this new style of fitness. As mentioned before, my original instructor explained everything. She explained why we were doing each move, what muscles it focused on, and how to do it safely. She had loud music playing in the background, but not too loud to where we couldn’t hear her speak. For each muscle group, we did a multitude of reps- the kind you do when your body shakes, you feel like you can’t do anymore, but the instructor makes you, and you stop when she turns around, but she calls you out in front of everyone because “she can see everything”. Tough stuff. There were so many moves and contraptions on this machine that it is too difficult to explain. I can tell you though, that I was very sore, I felt my muscles work like never before, my body moved in directions that I didn’t know were possible, and I absolutely hated it. ☹ I think I disliked this workout so much because I felt like I could get a good workout without the inconvenience of the machine. We had to do many awkward moves and uncomfortable positions with the machine that in my opinion, could have been accomplished with our own body weight. This workout is not for me. I was given 6 workouts, and decided to only take 3 classes. I had to really make myself get up to go to the second 2 classes just to give a fair review, but each time, I dreaded the drive to the class, and constantly looked at the clock hoping the class would end. Now, I met many people who LOVE this workout and studio. I even have a friend who signed on to be an instructor because she loves it so much. And that is great for her. I’ve learned that I won’t fall in love with every workout or every studio. I think that’s why there are so many versions of exercise. I believe there is something for everyone. I’m just here to find more of what’s out there, and hopefully help you discover what would be the best workout for you. I would still encourage you to try this class. You never know, you may love the machine, and love the challenge. Then again, you may not. You’ll never know unless you try it out.


Information to know!

  • Bring your own grip socks!
  • If you need to cancel, cancel at least 12 hours in advance, if not, you will receive a $15 late cancel fee.
  • No show fee of $25
  • If running late, call the studio, if you are more than 10 minutes late, your spot can be given to someone else on the waitlist.
  • Girls: wear leggings- you do many vulnerable moves, you won’t want to wear shorts
  • 3 locations- Plano, Park Lane, Preston Hollow
  • Private sessions offered
  • First month prices- Intro 6 sessions- $99, Intro one month unlimited $149
  • Non first time members: Various prices- check their website for all; 6 months unlimited auto-renewal- $159/month



  • All muscles worked
  • Clean facilities
  • 2 bathrooms
  • Great merchandise to purchase
  • Friendly and helpful instructors
  • Huge facility in Plano
  • 3 locations
  • Variety of workouts


  • Expensive
  • MegaFormer Machine (As mentioned above, I didn’t like it, but you may)
  • No showers
  • Smaller facility at the Park Lane location



CLEANLINESS: screenshot_20161106-215201

INTENSITY: 20161106_215706

FUN FACTOR: 20161123_111941


OVERALL EXPERIENCE: 20161123_111909

3.6 SPOTS!


Dallas Park Lane Location

8180 Park Lane, Suite 343 Dallas, TX 75231


The Shops at Park Lane

Upper Level between Whole Foods and Old Navy

Preston Hollow Location

11909 Preston Road, Suite 1412 Dallas, TX 75230


NW Corner of Preston Rd & Forest Ln between Starbucks & Mercury

Plano Location

5813 Preston Rd Suite C 558 Plano, TX 75093


Lakeside Market, next to Weir’s Furniture Store


CycleBar- Plano/Dallas


Two of my favorite hobbies are dancing and riding my bike. If you could somehow combine these two activities and make a workout class, you would form CycleBar. Now, don’t get me wrong, riding a bike on the street to take you from point A to point B and riding a stationary bike in a CycleBar class are two completely different entities. Both are fun, both are a great workout, but adding the intensity CycleBar brings and choreography enhance the experience to feel like you are dancing on a bike while getting some of the best cardio your body can handle. It’s such a great concept with fantastic results, leaving you wanting more each time.


CycleBar is a Franchise with studios all over the US. With that being said, no one CycleBar is exactly the same. My experience was with both the Plano-Lakeside Market and Dallas-Preston Forest locations. One location felt a little more established than the other, due to management, but instead of focusing on that, I am going to explain the structure of the class, and my overall experience with both.


Entering the studio, you are greeted with several staff members eager to help and guide you through the CycleBar process. You walk in, head to the check-in stations, find which bike you are assigned to (you pick the bike you would like when signing up), and grab your cycling shoes from the bin attached to your bike. As you head to the back, there is a big red wall with information regarding upcoming rides, community events, and partnerships with various organizations. You also see a waiting area with free lockers. There is a water station providing filtered chilled, or room temperature water. If you forget a water bottle, no worries, they give one to you. You are set to go. If you take a class before or after work, there are showers with provided towels, soap and shampoo. Are you sold yet? I haven’t even started on the actual workout! Needless to say, first impressions are everything, and with the welcoming smiles, clean facilities, and amenities to take care of your basic cycling needs, you can’t help but look forward to your exercise.


After all the good sensory overload, you enter the dark filled cycle studio blazing with loud upbeat music and find your bike. For your first ride, you will have a staff member help you adjust the bike for your comfort level. You hop on, turn the monitor on, and wait for class to begin. Each class is quite different from one another. Depending on the instructor (of course), and the theme of the class, will depend on your experience for the day. My very first class was given by a first time instructor. You could tell she was new, but she still gave a good class. I can’t fault her for any mistakes she may have had because it was her first class. It would have been unfair for me to assess the gym with only one class. I took more at the studio in Plano, and a handful more in Dallas. I’m glad I continued to go because the rest of my classes were nothing but phenomenal workouts. There are various types of rides given: classic, performance, connect, endurance, wine down Wednesdays, Happy hour rides, brunch, and free intro to CycleBar classes for those interested in learning. Occasional rides throughout the week will be given for various themes: Diva mashup (Rhianna vs. Beyonce), Songs you sing in the shower, Throwback Madonna, The evolution of Justin Timberlake, and many more. I like the creativity in having a variety of music to have a fun class to look forward to. I really wanted to attend the “Songs you sing in the Shower” class to just see what it would be like. It was a blast. There were old and new songs that made the class extra fun. You can sing along to the songs and nobody can hear you because the music is very loud-just like in the shower! The classic rides are just a ride to music selected by the teacher, there’s no “theme” given. When you take a performance class, it is about your performance and how you compete with yourself and everyone else in the class. Your scores are shown on a big screen along with everyone in the class, and you are able to see your rank and power level. If this intimidates you, like it did me, don’t take this class. It’s strictly about your performance. The classic ride also shows your performance, but it is not as heavily attended to.  A great class that does not show your rank is the connect class. This was my favorite class. With the provided towels, you cover your personal monitor that shows your RPM, power, time, etc. The screen is covered for the entire ride, and you solely feel the music to determine the speed of the ride. I loved it because I didn’t have to focus on how I was doing compared to others, I could only concentrate on the ride and nothing else. Many people probably enjoy the competition of beating another person, or being number 1, but I am not that person, and just want to workout for the sake of being healthy and enjoying it at the same time.

The ride lasts 50 minutes. The endurance class is 75 minutes long and is exactly the title of it; an endurance class. After about 35 minutes of the ride, handle bars are used to workout the arms. This section lasts for roughly 5 minutes, and then it’s back to strictly riding. Throughout the ride, the class is instructed to get out of the seat, back in the seat, and to do various choreographed moves. The moves entail bending your arms as if you were to do a wide or inverted push-up, crunching back to work on abs, and moving to 4 corners or making a figure 8. I’m sure there are many more, but these are the ones I remember and enjoyed. It was an enjoyable view to watch the movement of the class align with the beat of the music. This is when I felt like we were dancing. It made me love cycling even more. At the end of the class, dripping with sweat, is the cool down and stretch. Once the stats have been calculated, your results are sent to your account with your final ranking, calories burned, average RMP and Watts. The results are saved to your account to compare with future rides. I liked to see how I improved from just the few rides I had already completed. I was pretty impressed with the overall improvement. It showed me that this class works and does what it promises.


Information to know!

  • Sign up for classes online
  • Shoes are provided, bring socks!
  • If you don’t show up, you lose your spot and the class you paid for
  • Show up on time, you can’t take a class if you’re more than 5 minutes late (that happened to me once)
  • If you need to cancel, cancel at least 12 hours in advance, otherwise you’ll get charged
  • Hydrate!
  • Wear breathable clothes
  • When you attend a brunch or wine down ride, alcohol is provided
  • A variety of prices offered. Unlimited monthly rate- $179/month (see website for other options): Prices



-High intensity workout

-Great instructors

-Rides are synced with music

-CycleBar partners with local organizations and charities to raise donations

-A variety of themed rides/classes

-Clean facilities

-Showers with amenities

-Changing rooms

-Fruit offered after each class

-Filtered water provided

-Fresh towels for each bike

-Moist towelettes provided for a quick cleanse after each class

-Friendly owners



-Stats shown on screen (you may like that, it could motivate you, it doesn’t do that too much for me)


-Cancellation policy



CLEANLINESS: screenshot_20161106-215201

INTENSITY: screenshot_20161106-215201

FUN FACTOR: screenshot_20161106-215201

TRAINER/INSTRUCTORS: screenshot_20161106-215201

OVERALL EXPERIENCE: screenshot_20161106-215201

5 SPOTS!!!






5801 PRESTON RD SUITE 540 | PLANO, TX 75093




The Bar Method-Southlake


Back in January, I was meeting up with a friend near Southlake, walked past The Bar Method- Southlake, thought to myself, “Oh! I need to stop by after my lunch date to see if they would like to be featured for DallasFitSpot!” As I looked through the windows, the door opens, and I hear someone yell my name! “Erica?” I turned, and it was a friend of mine that I used to dance and play volleyball with. “Hey Jessica!” I yelled. “What are you doing here?” I asked. She said she was about to ask me the same thing. “One of my good friends from college and her sister own this place, it’s the first day!” Perfect, I thought. “I want to meet her!” And so I did. Erin was incredibly nice, as I assumed, considering she was a friend of my friend. I chatted with her for a bit, she told me she followed DallasFitSpot, and would love for me to feature and review The Bar Method-Southlake. We exchanged contact info, and I soon set up a time to experience The Bar Method and learned what a great form of exercise it truly is.


Before I experienced my first class, Erin invited me to the ribbon cutting ceremony with the Southlake Chamber of Commerce. They had delicious snacks (in photo above), coffee, tea (they offer coffee and tea after any class), various health juice drinks, wine, and an opportunity to socialize with the members of the city. At this time, I met Erin’s sister and co-owner Nicole. Both ladies are incredibly sweet, smart, and will whip you into shape in any of their classes. I’m glad they invited me to experience this moment with them. It was an honor to be a part of someone’s dream, and help promote and share their passion.


I had a preconceived idea of what the class would be like, considering I have tried 2 additional bar/barre studios. I imagined we would work at the bar/barre for most of the class, maybe sweat, but work out muscles that would ideally make me (or others) look like a dancer. This was my hope! I love the look of a dancers body, but I also was realistic in knowing that the transformation wouldn’t happen in 2 weeks. One can hope, right?! I was right in the sense that we worked out a lot at the bar, I didn’t sweat a ton, the dancer body comes with time, but I definitely experienced extreme soreness and pain which means I received a great toning workout.


Each workout starts on the floor in this beautifully clean classroom. As the instructor enters, the students stand to begin the warm-up. The warm-up is typically the same in each class. It starts with knee raises, then moves to working out the arms. The workout is like clockwork; you work the entire body in every class and the class is structured in a certain order to work on the same muscle groups. The workout itself was different, but the specific muscle does not change. (i.e. warm-up with legs, work the arms, then head to the bar, work the thighs, legs, glutes, push ups, maybe back to legs, thighs or glutes, head to the floor, continue working with the legs thighs, glutes, abs, then the class ends with hip raises, or back dancing-that’s the fun term they’ve coined.) After each targeted muscle, the instructor guides a lengthening and deep stretch. At first, I thought I would get bored knowing the general order of the workout, but because they changed the specific exercise for the targeted muscle group, I actually did not lose interest.  At certain points in the class, I would check my watch for the time, and 40-45 minutes would have already passed without me realizing it. That’s a good sign for me! The class would end, and I would feel as though I had accomplished so much.  It was a great workout. Like I mentioned before, I wouldn’t sweat, but my muscles would shake heavily, and I had gained a lot of muscle strength in just two weeks. I could really tell a difference. According to Erin and Nicole (the owners), taking classes at The Bar Method helps your performance as a golfer, runner, and in many other athletic sports. I would recommend this workout to see the improvements and health benefits it could have for you.


Info to know!

  • Various class times throughout the week
  • Wear grip socks (I didn’t, it made it slightly challenging)
  • If you can’t make a class, cancel at least an hour before class. If you don’t, you will be charged!
  • You can’t arrive late, show up on time! Otherwise, you will be charged with a no show fee. 😦
  • Wear leggings/capris, no atheletic shorts!
  • Towels are provided
  • New client special -$100
  • 1 month unlimited- first time renewal $149
  • Club Bar Membership $185- this is for an auto-renewing membership program. (Check their website for membership perks: Membership )



– Fantastic muscle toning workout

– Improves posture and coordination

– Very clean facilities

– Coffee and tea offered after each class

– In each class, the targeted muscle and scientific  name is used for teaching students

– Community classes offered for new clients

– Health events offered for members/non-members

– Intensive training for instructors (very knowledgeable)

– Caring and thoughtful owners

– Beauty products available when getting ready for work


– Getting charged for having to miss a class or be late

– Similar structured classes (if you need constant change and a completely different workout routine, this is not for you)



CLEANLINESS: screenshot_20161106-215201

INTENSITY: screenshot_20161106-215201(Intense for the repetitions and static muscle holds)

FUN FACTOR: 20161123_111909 (I enjoyed the workout, but I wouldn’t say I had “fun” the entire time. It was hard work and a challenge, but a great workout with fantastic results)

TRAINERS/INSTRUCTORS: screenshot_20161106-215201

OVERALL EXPERIENCE: screenshot_20161106-215201

4.6 Spots!




FitBeats-Bollywood Dancing


I’ve always been fascinated with Bollywood and Bollywood dancing. I can’t remember how I stumbled upon FitBeats, but I am so glad that I did. FitBeats provides Bollywood dancing once a week for people who want a little cardio for their Fitness. Bollywood dancing hails from India that incorporates Fitness and dancing with beautiful music. If you have never heard the music before, I highly encourage you to look it up and listen to it. The music is exciting, uplifting, and fun. I have never experienced it before, so I was waiting with high anticipation for my first class. I managed to get my husband to join me. As we were driving to the lesson, he was not thrilled about what was about to happen. I assured him that he would enjoy it. He asked if he could try it for a little bit and then take pictures. Once we got arrived and started the class, he took some pictures, realized how much fun it was, put down the camera, and didn’t stop dancing with a smile on his face the entire time. Although he loved it, he definitely did not have more fun than I did, but he was pretty stoked about the experience. He kept bragging about how the instructor said he was better than me and continually complimented his dancing. Men need a little bit of encouragement, you know? I’ll let him think he was better, it’ll make him feel good. 🙂


FitBeats currently does not have their own studio, so my assessment of the company is going to be slightly different than how I review other Studios. Because they are so new, they are using a karate studio in Irving. It’s a small place, but leaves a decent amount of space for dancing. There aren’t any mirrors. Unfortunately, because of that, you can’t see what you’re doing. Maybe that’s even better so you are not too self-conscious of your skills or lack thereof. The class begins with some light movement and stretching. After the brief warm-up, the dancing begins! Every 3-4 minutes, a song changes and a new routine or set of dance moves begins. There is constant movement for an entire hour with easy to follow dance moves led by an enthusiastic instructor. The class I experienced reminded me of a Zumba class but with Bollywood style (and technically, completely different). Apparently, it is looked down upon to be compared to a Zumba class, but that’s how I honestly felt. It wasn’t an insult towards either styles of fitness, it was just the best way I could share with someone who’s never heard of Bollywood dance. Bollywood dancing reminds me of hip hop infused with choreography from India that I’ve never experienced. It’s purely enjoyable. I don’t think you could try out a class and not have a blast.  I left the class full of sweat. I forgot the Fitbit at home and therefore have no idea how many calories I burned, but based on the lack of dryness on my clothes, I’m pretty sure it was very high.
I unfortunately haven’t been back to take another class due to timing, but I would go back in a heartbeat. I shared with many friends about how delightful the class was, and I’m hopeful they’ll attend to help grow the Bollywood movement. The founders of FitBeat are in hopes that Bollywood dancing will become the next big movement in fitness just like yoga has been in the past 10 years. The benefits that Bollywood dancing can have on your overall health and fulfillment in life are greatly huge. It’s changed the lives of the founders. Because it has made a large impact on their lives, they are wanting to share that with others as well. I urge you to try a class. I promise, it will be pure joy.
(I can’t remember what we were doing, but I know I loved every minute of it.)
Info to know!
  • $20/month for membership
  • Thursdays- 7:30-8:30
  • Classes held in a Karate Studio in Irving
  • Wear comfortable clothing
  • Bring a water bottle!


– Incredible energy

– Phenomenal music

– A great dance workout

– Very affordable

– Kind and engaging instructors/owners

– Inviting atmosphere

– Cultural (for me at least)


– Limited times for classes

– Classes are held in a karate studio

– No water fountain available (if there is one, I didn’t see it)


(Photo from FitBeats)


CLEANLINESS: 20161106_215706 (Not their gym)

INTENSITY: 20161106_215706

FUN FACTOR: screenshot_20161106-215201

TRAINERS/INSTRUCTORS: screenshot_20161106-215201

OVERALL EXPERIENCE: screenshot_20161106-215201

4.6 SPOTS!!!


Koko Fit Club


It has been way too long since I have written a review. My apologies for that! Life has just been very hectic. I like to stay on top of my reviews, but sometimes you have to take care of what is most important first. I featured Koko Fit Club on Instagram back in February, and out of the kindness of their hearts, they gave me a full 3 weeks to experience KoKo. I typically will not write a review until I have experienced a place in full capacity. By understanding and learning the studio/gym, I can get a full assessment to relay and share with other people. I enjoyed Koko. It was not what I was expecting, but I really liked it.


Koko is very different than many other typical gyms. I wouldn’t put it in the same category as a fitness studio because they don’t offer classes. I would describe it as a mini gym without classes and with limited equipment that can do more than the eye can see. They basically have this machine (in photo above) , 4 elliptical machines, and 3 treadmills. What separates Koko from a 24 hour fitness or LA fitness is the Smartrainer. The Smartrainer has over a hundred workouts set up for each individual person depending on their fitness goals. Each member is assigned a thumb drive with all their information and workouts. You insert the thumb drive into the Smartrainer screen, and your workout pops up to guide you along the way. When you first arrive at Koko you take a beginner test to see where you are at physically. The Smartrainer will guide you on how to use the machine and show you the proper way to perform the exercise. It’ll see the motion and test your strength so that it can accurately tell you what weights and amount of reps to do for the particular exercise. The beginner track has roughly 6-8 workouts while the members and more intermediate to advanced folks have more workouts in one setting. On this one machine alone, you will spend about 30 minutes. If you get confused or lost, Koko as professional staff members around to help assist with any issues. You can also schedule a session to workout with a Koko staff member/coach if you would like. During your trial period (first week), you will automatically have a trainer as you learn the system. The staff in Southlake are very friendly and kind. I enjoyed having to workout with them just because I liked them so much!


After, or before you do your strength training, you have a cardio session with either of the above machines. Now, I absolutely hate ellipticals and treadmills. They bore me to death. So when I found out I would have to do this as a part of my time with Koko, I wasn’t too excited. Although I wasn’t thrilled about the idea, I knew it had to be done. Just like the previous strength training machine, both the treadmill and ellipticals used the same thumb drive. Once you load up, you are given a variety of workouts for beginner, intermediate, or advanced cardio sessions. Each session also varies in time. Most of the cardio sessions are at least 14-15 minutes long. What was interesting about these smart cardio trainers, was that you had a person talking to you the entire time. A trainer would provide facts about vitamins, muscles, race events, the weather, anything to get your mind off of what you are doing and on to relevant information about your well-being. It made the time go by very quickly. The staff told me this type of cardio wouldn’t be what I was used to. They were right. I didn’t hate it like I normally do. I didn’t particularly like it, but I definitely didn’t hate it. I wouldn’t look forward to doing the machine, but I wouldn’t dread it. I guess that’s a win in my book. Once you completed the cardio, the Smartrainer provides the amount of time and calories burned for each session. After each session, you earn a certain amount of points to help you stay motivated. It’s like a little game you play with yourself to help you become more successful each time. You take the thumb drive to a computer to save your information, and all of your info is stored on the drive and online on your own personal site. Once you are a member, you can access the website to track your records and improvements. It’s just another tool to help you stay motivated along your journey.


Overall, I enjoyed my time at Koko. I liked that I could workout by myself, but get some sort of training to tell me what to do in my workout. It’s a great place to be alone and get what you need to get done. I typically like to take workout classes, but this was great to just zone out from a long day and take care of business. I went a few times during off hours with only a few other people around, and I really liked it. A lot of big corporate gyms have too many people who focus on their looks to where it makes working out an uncomfortable experience. You won’t see that at Koko. Koko typically has an older crowd. These folks are wanting to get or stay in shape. The focus is on health and wellness. It’s great for a peaceful workout and time to be alone.

If I were to consider a membership here, I personally wouldn’t join just because I prefer group classes. If I wanted a “gym-like” atmosphere without the “gym” atmosphere, this would be a great place to choose. The machines are great, and the alone time is good. The Koko concept is quite a brilliant idea. I would recommend this to be a place for someone wanting exactly what it is. A small quiet gym with great workouts and helpful meal plans.


Info to know!

  • Prices vary depending on your fitness plan
  • You receive notifications on your fitness progress through their website, via e-mail
  • They provide cleaning wipes so you can clean up after yourself
  • Over hundreds of smart trainer workouts
  • Open 24 hours
  • Staff members are available Monday-Saturday 8am-12:30pm and Monday- Thursday 3-7:30pm
  • Koko Fuel is the online nutrition plan with recipes, shopping lists, and tool kit to help with recipes.
  • The Koko Fit Plan measures your daily calorie burn level based on lean muscle levels and Smartraining activity.
  • You can measure your BMI before and after each workout



-Not a typical gym

-Variety of workouts

-Very clean

-Helpful staff

-Entertaining speakers on the elliptical and treadmill

-Participate in a few events outside of the gym

-Accessibility to the gym at any time

-Great location


No showers

-Only elliptical and treadmills for cardio

-Although there are a variety of workouts, it can be monotonous

-No group classes (classes are my favorite)



CLEANLINESS: screenshot_20161106-215201

INTENSITY: 20161123_111909

FUN FACTOR: 20161123_111909

TRAINERS/INSTRUCTORS: screenshot_20161106-215201

OVERALL EXPERIENCE: 20161106_215706



200 N Kimball Ave

Southlake, TX














Kaia FIT- North Dallas


Have you ever walked into something new and immediately felt like you belonged? That is what I felt like when I walked into Kaia FIT for the very first time. I was a little nervous. I think it’s always nerve-wrecking to walk into an unfamiliar place to start something when you don’t know anybody. But immediately when I walked in, I was greeted with a kind face and a friendly, warm welcoming. It was great because nobody knew who I was, they didn’t know I was there to “critique”/review them, it was just genuine excitement and open arms. I was a new person who received immediate acceptance and quickly felt a part of the Kaia family. Experiencing this inclusion, I knew I wanted to fully take advantage of my time there. Christine, the owner, gave me a full month to really see what Kaia is all about. What a great move on her part. She allowed me to really see a fitness community that rallies for one another and engages in relationships like I’ve never seen before at a fitness spot. I was honestly blown away by this place and really hope for phenomenal success for Christine and the Kaia sisters in North Dallas.


Kaia is a fitness community only for women. Community is huge in the Kaia world. I feel like “community” is just a buzzword used to sell a concept or an idea to somebody, but comes with very little action. Most of the time, true community is hard to find. It takes a lot of work for people to feel comfortable in a new community and to build strong lasting relationships. Often times it is reflective of the leadership at hand.  Christine (owner) leads her troupes with an astounding skill in leadership. She wouldn’t have the true community she has if it weren’t for her ability to bring everyone together and truly care about her people. She has a Facebook group that is used daily to encourage, provide recipes, and announce exciting events. She kindly added me to the group, and even though I’m no longer there, I still feel a part of the family. More than once a month (it seems), they do some type of social event together. Most recently, the members (and guests) took a hike together, went out for a birthday celebration (all were invited), held a meditation session, and will be going salsa dancing in the week to come. Women in the group take the initiative to create happy hours or additional activities so that ALL can be a part and have a group in which they can belong. It’s really incredible to see what all they do together. I absolutely love it.


Kaia provides a variety of themed workouts to create excitement. Around the holidays there was a holiday dress themed workout (in above photo). There are times to dress in camo, pink, super hero, etc., all to make the workout fun and have something else to look forward to. This type of environment makes the entire experience just plain fun. I think I always had a smile on my face when I was working out with Kaia.


In addition to being a fun and communal spot, the Kaia workouts are perfect for all fitness levels. You get to the gym, start with a warm-up (different every day) and begin 1 of potentially 3-4 rounds of various workouts. The coach will demonstrate the workouts in the routine and will provide 3 levels of each particular workout. This is great for people who need a more intense workout to someone who is recovering from an injury, or just starting. Each round can consist of 10 minutes of doing 5 exercises as many times as possible, to a partner round where one partner does an exercise for X amount of minutes or reps, while the other partner is doing a cardio routine. There are also rounds where people are split into different groups to compete for first place. You will never walk into Kaia and complete an identical workout from the day before. It’s always changing and full of engaging exercises. At the end of the workout, the group helps clean up and cool down for a final stretch. During the stretch, the coach (Usually Christine) will ask open ended questions to help the group get to know one another. This is all a part of the strong community Kaia brings. As I write this review, I think quite fondly of this place and miss it terribly. I really hope that you as readers who live near the area would give it a try and make it a part of your workout routine. I promise you, you would not regret it.


Info to know!

  • Members pay $129/month
  • No contracts. If you can’t afford one month, you are not penalized, you just don’t pay!
  • Soft floors, wear shoes
  • For women only
  • 1 hour classes
  • Class times:

M, T, TH- 5 am, 6 am, 9 am, 5:30 pm, 6:30pm

W- No classes- Kai RUN 6pm (New!)

F- 5 am, 6 am, 5:30 pm, 6:30pm

S- 8 am


-2 showers onsite

-Measurements taken to view progress

-Events outside of class time

-Themed workouts

-Non-competitive environment: the women truly care for another. It is a judge free place.

-Diverse: in age, size, race/ethnicity

-Encouraging leadership

-True accountability

-Variety in workouts

-Massage therapist available onsite (with appointment)


-Location- it’s not visible from the main street. You have to look hard for it.

-Limited class times



CLEANLINESS: screenshot_20161106-215201

INTENSITY: 20161123_111909/screenshot_20161106-215201Depending on your ability

FUN FACTOR: screenshot_20161106-215201

TRAINERS/INSTRUCTORS: screenshot_20161106-215201

OVERALL EXPERIENCE: screenshot_20161106-215201

5 SPOTS!!!


4744 Spring Valley Road
Farmers Branch, TX 75244

P: 972-884-0973
E: info@kaiafitnorthdallas.com




Camp Gladiator


The week I had Camp Gladiator scheduled to attend and promote ended up being extremely busy for me. Unfortunately, I was unable to experience it to the fullest. Because of this, I didn’t feel like my review would have been sufficient enough for this company. Kindly, Camp Gladiator decided to give me another chance to participate. It still won’t be to what I would typically do for a post, so I decided to get my first guest blogger to share her story with CG. I hope you enjoy what Nikki has to say:


A year and a half ago, my son was so excited about the new baby in mommy’s tummy…I however, was not pregnant.  I learned that after 35 years of being tall and skinny, I was now tall and …not skinny.  Well, that sucked, but despite having a business degree, I had also taken many kinesiology, biology, and weight training classes in college.  I had the knowledge, but after a month or two of going to the gym, I had lost my motivation.

One of the moms in my son’s pre-K class had a Super Bowl party last year and I was coerced into joining her the next day for a Camp Gladiator work out.  Despite wanting to quit after 15 min, I decided to join Camp Gladiator and go Bold (sign up for 12 mo) that night.  I have a business coach to keep me in line with meeting professional goals; I decided it would be great to have someone hold me accountable on my fitness goals too.

I got a whole lot more than I bargained for and am so thankful.  The CG community is so welcoming and I was immediately brought into the fold.  I find that my fellow campers are my real accountability partners and now my friends.  I strive to be a great support system for the new campers I see as well.

Camp Gladiator is an outdoor boot camp, but don’t let the name intimidate you.  All the trainers are great at modifying the work out for different fitness levels or injuries.  My fellow campers range from 20’s- upper 60’s, and all fitness levels.  CG is a judgement free zone, and while some people are crazy fit, most of us are a work in progress.

After attending for a few months, I started trying other trainers than the one I started with, and that’s okay.  While I attend one trainer regularly, I also attend 4 other trainers throughout the month.  The great thing about having so many sites near me is trying new people.  I started with someone that was gentle and encouraging (but still made me super sore) and now I am with a trainer that pushes me beyond what I think I can do.  Find the trainer you need for you, your personality and fitness level.

This week marks one year since I started CG.  I have more confidence in myself and it has carried over to my career and family life.  I thought I was confident, but now I know how great it feels to be proud of myself for going beyond what I thought I was capable of doing.  Come drink the Kool-Aid with me!



Tight-knit community that will hold you accountable

Experienced trainers that will modify exercises for you

Tons of Locations and times.  Just go to http://www.campgladiator.com and see how many options you have near your home or office.  Yes, there is a 4:45AM, 5AM, 5:30AM, 6:30Am, 8AM, 9AM, Noon 5:30PM and 6:30PM, and maybe other times.  No excuse

Outside at a park.  I find being outside calming.  When my son is out of school, he also has fun playing on the nearby playground with other kids.

All ages and fitness levels (for real)

Affordable-Only $69/mo for bold members and $35/mo for your spouse.  If you are not bold it is $189

CG Fit is every quarter and will measure your progress (body fat, lean mass…) for only another $39- $49 if you choose to sign up.  I lost 4 inches on my waist, increased muscle and decreased fat, but the scale only moved 7 lbs.  If I hadn’t had the ability to see the muscle gain and the fat loss, I would have been so discouraged.


Outside- While there are a few locations that have indoor alternates for cold weather; I have worked out in 16 degrees and in 100 degrees.  You will live and feel amazing when done.

No Sundays-this is a day of rest for your body and the trainers.  You deserve a break, but make sure you never miss a Monday

-Nikki Vaghela


(All photos provided by Camp Gladiator)



INTENSITY: screenshot_20161106-215201

FUN FACTOR: screenshot_20161106-215201

TRAINERS/INSTRUCTORS: screenshot_20161106-215201

OVERALL EXPERIENCE: screenshot_20161106-215201

5 Spots!

For more info go to www.CampGladiator.com